First Solo Trip to Himachal Pradesh (Part 1)

Hi, there I’m here to share the experience of my first ever solo trip, and this my first blog so I don’t have any experience of writing either, Reason for being here and sharing my experience of my first ever solo trip is to try to make you guys feel how I fell in love with the nature, roads, mountains, people and everything that came and shook me up and made me feel alive. And also if you ever want to try this , I hope this story and experience of mine help you. I’ll try my best so that you guys can imagine all the incidents and scenes I encountered. I hope you’ll feel the same as I felt with these wonderful and everlasting feelings of being free.

  • How I planned it !!!!!!

I remember this wasn’t an actually planned trip, I never had any passion for traveling or living a nomadic lifestyle before. In fact, I was more materialistic and kinda spendthrift. But you know there comes a point where these things can’t make you feel good or make you feel peace. I am a normal 9-5 working guy, who spends his day staring at PC, work on useless data, and try to be professional as much as possible, so that on the first of every month he’s able to pay off his bill. I remember I received my incentive for that month and FNF (full and final settlement) amount from my previous organization, and it was nearly 30k. So like every materialistic guy I made up my mind to buy an iPhone 6s and eventually everything was set to happen, but suddenly, I still don’t know how that feeling came and I ask myself

Is this thing gonna really make me feel happy? Do this iPhone is what I really need?

And after thinking for a night I realized that I need to do something that I’m going to remember that for the rest of my life. So I book a flight ticket to Chandigarh and also booked a bus service from Chandigarh to Manali. And made up my mind that no matter what whether my leave gets approved or not, even if I have to choose between job and this trip, I will not have any second thoughts and I’m going to choose this trip. In my imaginary world I was wondering that there is a serious scene, were my management ask me to choose anyone and I choose my dream or the job. But later daydream ended they approved my leave and everything was set to happen on 10th May 2017, but……… To be continued ๐Ÿ”๏ธ


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