How to Plan Solo for Everest Base Camp๐Ÿ”๏ธ

So in my previous blog I have discussed how you can research on your own to collect the reliable information from different sources if you are planning to go solo for Everest Base Camp. Lately, I was looking for all the best options to minimize the expenses on this trip, and i realized that this can only be accomplished with proper planning and preparation.

So in this second part, I’ll discuss how one can minimize the expense on this trip.

Part 2

Planning and Preparation The total trek time for EBC is between 18-20 days, and it’s not that easy to reach the base camp compared to any other trek. Moreover if you are already treking from salleri to reach namche bazaar and from namche bazaar to EBC then this is more worse than you are expecting. So it won’t be 18-20 days for you but it will be around 21-24 days. And if a person is treking for 4-5 hours a day need, he should have nutrition rich food and proper sleep to continue the Trek.

So, the prices for the food and accommodation is high during season the cost for stay can reach up to Rs.1000 and in off season it’s around Rs.300-500, and food can cost you around Rs.300-400 normal dal-rice in off season and in season it can hike up to Rs.800, that’s pretty costly and the best way is to overcome this expense is to carry your own stuff. The best things to carry is canned food, the reason is they are easy to make and rich in nutrition you can carry fish meat that comes with all the ingredient, you just need to cook and eat it, the another best thing is to carry dried nuts and fruits which are also good source of energy and nutrition, protein bars, you can also carry tea bags for morning tea. You can even carry glucose biscuits. You have to keep you unwanted stuff aside, if you’re are tight on budget, for accommodation I’m planning to have my own tent as it will minimize the cost of accommodation, the only problem is you won’t find any reliable information whether you can have your own tent in those areas, there are some blogs and website that say there are places and campsite for camping in those region but still, they not that reliable.

The only thing that can be done is to explore and experienced the thing by yourself in order to understand it completely. Moreover, my plans are confirmed regarding the trek to EBC from salleri in coming months. As I get the clear picture on how things work there I’ll update those things on my blog.

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