Backpacking in North India

Chapter 1 : The Cards

It’s been a while i haven’t wrote anything good after my solo trip blog, frankly speaking there was nothing to write about. As i have told in one of my blog that i was planning to do solo trip of North India in this year, and luckly right now i’m on the road to make it work. So my office didn’t allow me the leave for this trip, so I resigned from my job in order to do something I love to do.

So in month of Feb i booked my ticket for Amritsar, and it was dated for 12th May’18 and everything was good to go, the time of the flight was 7:15 in the morning and I was scheduled to reach Amritsar by 9:30. Although i didn’t carry any cash while i was leaving from Mumbai my brother paid the taxi fare and I thought I’ll get the cash directly in Amritsar. So after paying the fare the remaining Rs.70 was with me, and I reached amristar and I walked till the bus stand boarded the bus, purchased a bottle of water and paid a fare for auto-rickshaw and I was done with all the money that I had.

And, before entering the golden temple i was just looking at the dome of the temple and thinking from here I start my new journey and suddenly a guy said “Backpacking ! Backpackers are always the boss, but be careful with your wallet and mobile phone!” And then i was thinking have i took my wallet with me ? And i checked by bag and it wasn’t there, that moment was the most devastating moment of my trip.

I called my brother and ask him to check whether wallet is at home and yes it was there. I asked him to send it through courier to me, but for that i need to find a address and make some one agree so that he could allow me to send parcel from to mumbai to his address. Frankly speaking i asked almost 10 to 15 everyone turned me down except one guy he has punjabi shoe store next to dominos pizza parlour near Golden temple he was fine with my request and then i asked my brother to send the wallet on his shop address, but for me the problem was to figure this three things i.e. stay, Food and luggage.

Then i got to know about that everything is free in Golden temple, they keep your luggage for free as many days you want, food in langar is free as many time you want to eat and lastly you can sleep in Gurudwara as long as you want to.

So, it took 5 days for my wallet to reach me and i stayed straight 5 days in there, my initial plans for Amritsar was for 2 days but it lasted 5 days.

There came a time were I was so frustrated that I decided to carry on my trip without the wallet, on the 5th the day I packed my stuff and asked that shopkeeper to collect the parcel on my behalf and I was about to call my brother for transferring money through western union but at that moment the courier guy came with my wallet, for a moment I can’t believe it, but it was there and everything starts to fall at right place, there was a time where I gave up all the hopes to see Dharamshala, Mcleodganj and Leh but now it was possible and the first thing that I did I went to the bus station and boarded the bus to Mcleodganj.